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iPhone Services Centre in Trivandrum and Kochi

A trusted iPhone service centre near you. We provide all the services you need with just one call, with the best quality and reliability. Customer Satisfaction is key to our service. IPROMAX is a centre that provides services only at the most affordable rates. Our services are spread across Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi districts. Our technicians are highly trained, dedicated to their profession and treat customers with respect.

Whether your iPhone warranty has expired or you are facing any issues, we are here to help you. We respect your valuable time and privacy. All your valuable information images and other privacy information are guaranteed to be 100% safe. We are licensed to service iPhones. You can call us to solve any issues facing your iphone.

Services provided

    iphone Display Services

  • Display replacement
  • Glass replacement
  • Back light issue
  • Display flickering issue
  • Blank display
  • Shade & dot on display
  • Liquid damage issues
  • Lines on display issue
  • Touch issues

    iphone Charging Port Services

  • Not Charging
  • Slow Charging
  • Charging Port Cleaning
  • Battery % Problem Servicing
  • Wireless Charging Problem
  • One Side Charging Issue
  • Heating While Charging
  • Battery Backup
  • Charging Symbol Only

    iphone Camera Services

  • Back Camera Replacement
  • Front Camera Replacement
  • Camera Not Detecting
  • Auto Focussing Issue
  • Front Camera Blurred Issue
  • Camera Flickering Issue
  • Vibration During Photo
  • Face Id Issues

    iphone Network issues Services

  • Range Not Detecting
  • No Sim
  • No Service
  • Baseband Issue
  • Signal Strength Issues
  • Antenna Issue

    Iphone Sensors Services

  • Proximity Sensor Replacement
  • Ambient Light Sensor Issue Fixing
  • Gps Signal Issue Fixing
  • Temperature Sensor Issue Fixing
  • Compass Reading Issue Fixing

    Iphone Buttons Services

  • Homebutton Replacemnt
  • Power Button Replacement
  • Volume Up & Down Button Replacement
  • Vibrator Button Replcement

    Iphone Chiplevel Services

  • Audio IC Issues Servicing
  • Touch IC Issues Servicing
  • Display IC Issues Servicing
  • U2 Ic Issues Srvicing
  • Charging IC Issues Servicing
  • Backlight IC Issues Servicing
  • Memory Chip Issues Servicing
  • Network IC Issues Servicing
  • Power IC Issues Servicing

    iphone General Services

  • iphone Back Glass Replacement
  • iphone Camera Glass Replacement
  • iphone Error Code Fixing
  • iphone Software Installation
  • iphone Liquid Damage Repair
  • iphone Country Unlocking
  • iphone General Cleaning

Are you looking for the best iPhone service centre in Trivandrum and Kochi?

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