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Best iPad Services Center in Kochi, Trivandrum

ipromax provides best and quality iPad services at your doorstep. Our experienced technicians collect the product from you, properly diagnose the damage and provide better service. Explains the proper usage of an iPad also its pros and cons. Providing the best iPad service centre in Trivandrum & Kochi and giving priority to people's trust. The use of iPad has increased as compared to the past.

Number of iPad users is more because of its ease of use. All the privacy data on your iPad will be very safe. The spare parts are of high quality and long lasting. Your precious time is highly valued. Therefore, the services we provide will not be delayed for any reason.

What services do we provide?

    ipad Display Services

  • ipad Display Replacement
  • ipad Glass Replacement
  • ipad Display Flickering Issue Fixing
  • ipad Shade And Dot On Display Issue Fixing
  • ipad Ghost Touch Issue Fixing
  • ipad Touch Not Working Issue Fixing
  • ipad Lines on Display Issues Fixing
  • ipad Liquid Damage Repair

    ipad Charging port Services

  • ipad Charging Port Replacement
  • ipad Charging Port Cleaning
  • ipad Not Charging Issue Fixing
  • ipad Slow Charging Issue Fixing
  • ipad Battery Draining Issue Fixing
  • ipad Heating While Charging Issue Fixing
  • ipad Charging Symbol Only Issue Fixing

    ipad Camera Services

  • ipad Back Camera Replacement
  • ipad Front Camera Replacement
  • ipad Camera Not Focussing Issue Fixing
  • ipad Camera Auto Focussing Issue Fixing
  • ipad Dust On Camera Cleaning
  • ipad Camera Blacks Out Issue Fixing
  • Camera Flickering Issue Fixing

    ipad Audio Issues Servicing

  • Speaker Replacement
  • Speaker Noisy Issues Fixing
  • Headphone Jack Replacement
  • No Volume Issues Fixing
  • Loud Speaker Symbol Grey Out Issue Fixing

    ipad Motherboard Services

  • ipad Backlight IC issue Servicing
  • ipad Audio IC issue Srvicing
  • Charging & U2 Ic issue Servicing
  • Baseband IC issue Servicing
  • Wifi Grey Out issue Servicing
  • Memory Chip issues Servicing
  • Error Code issues Servicing

    ipad General Services

  • Housing case Replacement
  • Water Damege Repair
  • Software Installation
  • Software Updation

Do you want to service your iPad at a reasonable price?

iPad is designed for consuming various types of media -- reading books, browsing the Web and watching videos, in particular. It's also marketed as a portable gaming device, and there are hundreds of games for sale in the iPad App Store. storage space in ipad various sizes i.e, 16 GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128 GB, 256GB, 1TB. 500 million ipad users are worldwide.

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