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Looking for the best Playstation and Xbox repair service in Trivandrum & Kochi?

Xbox is Microsoft's widely popular video gaming system.Having their own system design, software and hardware differs from other gaming systems.

That’s why it has become popular and provides a great experience for gamers. So if you found a fault in your Xbox whether it is not powering on ,Software issue, CD not reading issue,No display or No video issue or Not Pairing with controller Whatever the issues, we guarantee the best services to all customers. We provide solutions for all models of xbox like, xbox 360 E, xbox one, xbox one, Xbox ones, Xbox One X,Xbox Series S,Xbox Series X,Xbox Controller And Adaptor. We have highly qualified trained technicians. We provide genuine and quality repair service at an affordable price. If you choose us for service, you are assured of the best services, reasonable price, warranty, quality spare parts, Professional technicians etc

free delivery anywhere in Trivandrum and Cochin. Ipromax provide best xbox services in Trivandrum & Kochi

    Microsoft Xbox console services

  • Not powering on
  • No display
  • Red light of death
  • Showing error messages
  • Hard disk issues
  • Cd not detecting issue
  • Cd drive issue fixing
  • Software issue
  • Powerbutton issues
  • General servicing
  • Not pairing with controller
  • Adapter repairing & servicing
  • Motherboard servicing

    Microsoft Xbox controller services

  • Not powering on issue fixing
  • Left & right analog stick replacement
  • Charging port replacement
  • Buttons not working issue fixing


Sony's game console made with lots of features has caught the attention of the world. Exciting features and experiences grabbed the attention of the crowd. Its main features are trigger buttons, improved dual analog sticks, and Capacitive touch pads.

You can easily play and download games online. A lot of issues can arise if the problems that are not resolved within a certain time frame. In such a situation, is more better to have highly experienced technicians to solve your problems

Our technicians repair your Sony game console and controller within days

If you are looking for a reliable service provider who can offer you the best Sony Game Console Repair, then you can blindly count on us Our experts can also suggest solutions that fit within your budget. Contact us immediately if you find any error on your game console We provide quality and useful play station repair services to all customers in Trivandrum and Kochi .

Play station console

The PS4 console, delivering awesome gaming power, incredible entertainment and vibrant HDR technology.We iPromax offers all types of services for your console. PS4 consoles offer best gaming power, reliable entertainment and HD6 technology etc. Our dedicated professionals are well equipped with various models of Sony PlayStations. Our trainers are highly experienced in repairing Sony PlayStation models.


  • Blue light of death
  • Not powering on
  • No display
  • Showing error messages
  • Cd not reading/ejecting/entering>not pairing with controller
  • Software issue
  • Harddisk issues
  • Power button issues
  • Fan issues
  • Console dedusting & thermal paste refixing
  • Heating issue
  • Mother board issue


  • DS4 no power
  • DS4 not charging
  • DS4 buttons not working
  • DS4 analog stick issue
  • DS4 vibration issue
  • DS4 touch pad not working issue
  • DS4 motor & speaker not working issue
  • DS4 pairing issue
  • DS4 automatically connecting issue
  • DS4 water damage issue
  • DS4 board issue
  • DS4 motion sensor issue


  • Battery issue
  • Sensor issue
  • Button pad issue
  • Mother boaed issue


  • No power issue
  • No display issue
  • Pairing issue