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Best Google Pixel Service Centre in Trivandrum & Kochi

iPromax is the service centre providing best google pixel service in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. Any faults occur in Pixel phones, it is best to have them repaired by experienced technicians rather than servicing them at local cell phone shops. No matter how big or small an issue like motherboard repair, signal issue is in your Pixel phone, we quickly diagnose and repair it as soon as possible. ipromax is the best solution to fix all problems of Google Pixel.

Google Pixel Display Issues

  • Display replacement
  • Glass replacement
  • Backlight issue fixing
  • Display flickering issue fixing
  • Blank display service
  • Shade & dot on display fixing
  • Liquid damage services
  • Lines on display fixing
  • Touch issues servicing

Google pixel charging port services

  • Not charging
  • Slow charging
  • Charging port cleaning>battery replacement
  • Battery % problem servicing
  • Wireless charging problem
  • One side charging issue
  • Heating while charging
  • Battery backup issues
  • Charging symbol only

Google pixel network issues services

  • Range not detecting
  • No sim
  • No service
  • Baseband issue
  • Signal strength issues
  • Antenna issue

Google pixel camera services

  • Back camera replacement
  • Front camera replacement
  • Camera not detecting
  • Auto focussing issue
  • Front camera blurred issue
  • Camera flickering issue
  • Vibration during photo
  • Face id issues

Google pixel sensors services

  • Proximity sensor replacement
  • Ambient light sensor issue fixing
  • Gps signal issue fixing
  • Temperature sensor issue fixing
  • Compass reading issue fixing

Google pixel chiplevel services

  • Audio ic issues servicing
  • Touch ic issues servicing
  • Display ic issues servicing
  • Charging ic issues servicing
  • Backlight ic issues servicing
  • Memory chip issues servicing
  • Network ic issues servicing
  • Power ic issues servicing

Google pixel general services

  • Google pixel back glass replacement
  • Google pixel camera glass replacement
  • Google pixel error code fixing
  • Google pixel software installation
  • Google pixel liquid damage repair
  • Google pixel general cleaning

Google pixel buttons services

  • Power button replacement
  • Volume up & down button replacement